Wolfgang S.

As I have used this opportunity to further my education, I can encourage others to do the same. We need to keep learning, challenge our embedded thought processes, go deeper into the Word of God, and keep our mind fresh to be able to absorb new information, so that we continue to be effective in the ministry which God has given to us. It is never too late to finish what we have started, even if we started in our teens and finish up just a bit short of our retirement.

Curtis M.

IBOLT was exactly what I needed in order to complete my degree. I was working and busy volunteering in ministry. IBOLT gave me the flexibility to do my schooling but continue to work and volunteer. IBOLT was great and worked with me in transferring courses from other institutions. The student service was phenomenal and always so helpful. The professors were some of the best that I have ever encountered. They were always there to help, call upon when needed and they were always willing to work with you. Finally, IBOLT equipped me with what I needed in order to do ministry by giving me the Biblical knowledge that I needed and the practical and personal application and experience that has been invaluable to my ministry.


David H.

I was very pleased to discover that Vanguard College offered an online training program that enabled students to study no matter where they lived in the world. I enrolled in the IBOLT post- Degree program for a bachelor of Theology degree. I thoroughly enjoyed obtaining my degree through IBOLT and Vanguard and was really excited to engage with the material I was presented and learned a great deal about the Lord and ministry. I really enjoyed interacting with my IBOLT professors and was grateful to them for their prompt responses to my questions and encouraging words when they returned assignments. I graduated from IBOLT/Vanguard College in May 2010. I have really appreciated the practical skills and theological truths that I have learned at my time in IBOLT/Vanguard.