Cross Cultural Studies

Course number: DEGS2201 • Credit hours: 3 hrs


Distance Education Course: Avoid cultural irrelevance and ethnocentrism by applying contextual awareness to maximize personal effectiveness in Christian cross culture experiences.

Course Description: Understanding someone else’s culture means that first you need to understand your own culture and how you function in it. From there you can apply the principles to a global context, allowing for an in depth study of a chosen culture. With these skills it is possible to incorporate the skills necessary to provide Christ-like care and intervention in the lives of others who are not from your own culture.

Course Textbooks:
Ministering Cross-Culturally: 
An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships.  2nd edition. Sherwood G. Lingenfelter and Marvin Mayers. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House. ISBN: 9780801026478.
Effective Intercultural Communication:  A Christian Perspective. A. Scott Moreau, Evvy Hay Campbell, Susan Greener. ISBN: 9780801026638
Cultural Intelligence:  Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World. David A. Livermore. ISBN: 9780801035890

    Instructor:  Catherine Pysar

Biography: Catherine lives in Edmonton Alberta as well as Kampala Uganda. She is currently the Director of Academic Affairs, professor and accreditation consultant for Yesu Akwagala Bible College.  When at home she is a realtor with REMAX Real Estate, a District Area Pastor for the PAOC and an Associate Pastor with a PAOC church called New Hope Christian Assembly.

Her previous experience has included Corporate Chaplaincy for a national manufacturing company All Weather Windows, a corporate business consulting, speaker for leadership seminars, manager and creator of a youth and children’s ministry that required over 20 staff and 90 volunteers for Hope Mission, and an overseer’s teacher in Tanzania and the Ukraine Biblical Colleges.

Part of her philosophy of teaching is coaching students through the learning process to facilitate development in their educational, relational and character processes. Catherine’s laugh is one you will never forget and on a hot summer day, she loves Diet Pepsi.

Education: B.A. (Human Resources and Management with Distinction), Trinity College of the Bible, M.A. (Organizational Leadership with Distinction), Briercrest Seminary, PhD. (Organizational Management with Distinction), Capella University