Foundations of Christian School Education

Course number: DEPS1107 • Credit hours: 3 hrs


Course Description: Teachers in Alberta become certified to practice in the province only after they complete four years of university education. Christian schools that wish to obtain a higher percentage of funds provided for private schools must hire certificated teachers and in many cases these teachers have had no training in Christian school education. Koinonia Christian Schools encourages its teachers to engage in professional development activities related to the skills sets required to teach in a Christian school. Based on the textbook produced by the (ACSI),Foundations of Christian School Education, this course will provide teachers with the skills to incorporate the four foundational blocks in Christian education into all aspects of their teaching.

Course Textbooks:
Foundations of Christian School Education,
Braley, J., Layman, J. & White, R. (eds) Colorado Springs: Purposeful Design Publications (ACSI) 2003. ISBN: 1583310592

    Instructor:  Gonam Raju

Biography: Gonam and Kannah Raju live in Barrhead, Alberta.

Since 1964, Gonam has been worked in education as a teacher and administrator. Until his recent retirement, he worked at the Alberta Distance Learning Center for over twenty years, and most recently as CEO Supervising Principal since 1997. He loves to travel and read.

For Gonam, on a hot day, his beverage of choice is water!

B.A. (Psychology and History), University of South Africa (Honours)
B.A. (History), University of South Africa
Bachelor of Education (with distinction) University of South Africa
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Economics), University of South Africa
Masters of Education, University of Alberta
Doctorate in Education (Candidate), University of Alberta