Ministry to Post Modern Families

Course number: DEPS4202 • Credit hours: 3 hrs


Distance Education Course: In a complex and frenetic post modern culture, the challenges to raise a godly family require religious discipline and effective strategies to navigate the turbulent times in which we live.

Course Description: Ministry to Post Modern Families presents the student with an overview of Post Modernism and the impact of culture on the family and then presents a clear and timely set of skills to enable the emerging Christian leader to help the family raise children of integrity and purpose. Issues in this course include: developing effective family ministry in the local church, trends and sociological perspectives in families, care for families in crisis, faith in the family, life transitions and divorce.

Course Textbook:
Family Ministry:
 A Comprehensive Guide by Diana R. Garland. ISBN: 0830815856

    Instructor:  Tyson Howells

Biography: Tyson has been involved in youth ministry in one form or another since 1999.  This has included one year discipleship programs, youth pastoring and teaching youth ministry at Vanguard College.  Currently one of his highlights is running a new junior high program in the church he pastors.  In all of these different context the goal has been the same; introducing people to Jesus and seeing them become more like Jesus.

Education: MA in Christian Studies, ACTS Theological Seminary, BA, Major in Religion, Western Pentecostal Bible College (now Summit).