Philosophical Foundations

Course number: DEGS3101 • Credit hours: 3 hrs


Distance Education Course: Examine philosophical and world views such as atheism, agnosticism, dualism, polytheism and contemporary approaches to life.

Course Description: The basic philosophical schools of thought of the past and present are presented, with particular attention given to examining the reasonableness of Christianity. Students are challenged with the opportunity of presenting an articulate and reasoned presentation of the philosophical underpinnings of Christianity.

Course Textbooks:
The Universe Next Door: 
A Basic Worldview Catalogue 3rd Edition. James W. Sire. ISBN 0830827803
How Shall We Then Live? DVD Francis Schaeffer. ISBN: 0780701900099

    Instructor:  Robert Bedard

Biography:   Rob and Lorinda Bedard are the extremely proud parents of two great sons, Cameron and Stephen.

In 1989, Rob’s ministry began in Ontario where he youth pastored in Christian Life Assembly (Thornhill), Mississauga Gospel Temple (now Portico), and Parkwood Gospel Temple (Windsor).  Moving to Selkirk, Manitoba, Rob led his first church, Bethel Chapel.  After serving as Assistant Pastor (Adult Ministries) in Terrace Pentecostal Assembly (Terrace, BC), Rob returned to Manitoba where he served as District Ministry Director in the Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario District Office of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  For nine years Rob served as Lead Pastor of Bethel Tabernacle, Ladysmith, before accepting the call to serve as a Leadership Development Pastor at Beulah Alliance Church, Edmonton, Alberta, where Rob spends his days coaching and training both teams and individual leaders.

Rob is also the founder of The Leadership Institute, offering leadership training workshops to churches and organizations.  Whether Rob is teaching in Canada or abroad; whether he is teaching in ministry training schools, secular universities or churches; or whether Rob is teaching higher education courses or leadership training workshops, Rob’s passion for Jesus, His Word and His Kingdom are best expressed when he teaches and mentors tomorrow’s ministers.

Education: B.Th. in Pastoral Theology, Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (now Master’s College & Seminary), Peterborough, ON; M.A. in Leadership & Training, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC; D.Th in Practical Theology, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.