Preaching Seminar

Course number: DEPS0921 • Credit hours: 3 hrs


Distance Education Course: This course is a practical course in development and delivery of sermons.

Course Description: This preaching seminar is a practical course in the development and delivery of sermons. It is intended to move learners towards skill in preaching the biblical text from a variety of literary genres and to facilitate their ongoing development as preachers.

Prerequisite: DEPS4104 Expository Preaching

Course Textbooks:
The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching:
 Connecting the Bible To People. Gibson SM, Willhite K (1998). Grand Rapids. ISBN:0801091586

    Instructor:  Gerry Johnson

Biography:Gerry has served in pastoral ministry for 18 years, as Communications Director for the Overseas Missions Division of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, President of Vanguard College, and as Executive Director of Mission of Mercy Canada. He currently serves as Senior Associate Pastor at Mill Woods Assembly in Edmonton. Gerry enjoys Friday ‘date night’ with his wife Karen, home renovations and a refreshing Brown Cow (half milk and half root beer) on a hot summer day.

Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Pastoral Studies) Vanguard College;
Honors M.A. in Leadership and Management, Briercrest Seminary